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Luna - Microcurrent Device

Luna - Microcurrent Device

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I was massively skeptical on this but after reading the reviews and seeing that there was a money back guarantee I took the leap. It took like 4 days for it to arrive and it's been 5 weeks since, and the difference is very noticeable.





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Luna - Microcurrent Device

Luna - Microcurrent Device

Regular price £39.95
Regular price £39.95 Sale price £49.99
SAVE 20% Sold out

How it works?

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy penetrates deep into the skin to boost collagen and elastin production, reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture. It also helps reduce inflammation and speeds up healing for a more youthful complexion.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy targets acne-causing bacteria on the skin’s surface, helping to clear breakouts and prevent future ones. It reduces redness and calms irritated skin, promoting a clearer, smoother complexion.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

EMS sends gentle electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contractions, enhancing muscle tone and strength. This improves circulation, lifts, and firms the skin, giving a more sculpted appearance.

Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent therapy uses low-level electrical currents to increase cellular energy (ATP), promoting collagen and elastin production. This improves skin elasticity and firmness while enhancing blood circulation and reducing puffiness for a healthier look.


How to use?

It is best to use the Luna with a conductive gel, oil, or serum.

Using the Luna is simple, gently glide the device across your face in upward and outward motions while covering your cheeks, jawline, top lip, under eyes, and forehead. Take a moment to relax and repeat this routine for a minimum of 5 minutes daily at least 3 times a week!

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I'm amazed

I used to be so insecure about my redness and texture of my skin, I wanted 'glass' skin and now I'm much closer to my goal haha. I have nothing bad to say, I'm so greatful for the Luna


If I had one word to describe my transformation it would be 'unbelieveable'. I can't believe that was me in the before picture. This product is insane and works miracles and it's way cheaper than other options on the market.

Made me look younger!

I'm 53 so I wasn't expecting miracles, but it worked so well. I've had it for a month now and the difference is impressive. I can't imagine how I'd look in another month.


Customers have experienced an enhancement in their skin texture or appearance with Luna


Enjoy saving of hundreds by opting for Luna instead of costly spa treatments


Saw a significant reduction in the time spent on their skincare routine

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